After a Crash, reformat, reload ME, I think I have lost Java. Prior to crash, I played a lot of online jigsaw puzzles. Now After the Crash when I open I can select a picture, the next window opens, but the puzzle pieces don't open. I have seen a little in their FAQ's about Java but can't find anything about it on my ME install CD, or anything that makes sense to me about DL it from MS.

One suggest on another site was to go to microsoft windows update site and have them check your computer.. if Java was lost, it should pick up that fact and offer to download and install...

Another was that java applets are displayed using microsoft virtual machine so thats what you'll need to d/l on their update site if you still have probs...but winme should install it as's xp that doesnt.

Unfortunately, the update site didn't pick up anything that fixed it. I also checked to see if VM was installed, via their instructions Start>Run>Command>jview. I don't know what I was looking at, but it didn't give me the instruction "Bad command or file name" which would have indicated it wasn't installed. So i'm still dead in the water.

I have ZoneAlarm Pro, but JAVAW.EXE AND JAVAWS.EXE are both open. I have 512 RAM and 550mh Pentium 3.

Under Tools>Internet Options>Advanced both Java and MS VM are checked active.

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks, CarlP