Why do applets look different in Netscape?

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Thread: Why do applets look different in Netscape?

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    Question Why do applets look different in Netscape?

    OK, in many other forums I have posted about the fact that for some reason applets are not displaying at all in IE 6.0 for over a week now, and still have not resolved this problem. In an effort to figure this out I eventually downloaded Netscape. To my horror, I discovered how different things can look in Netscape--many things. For the sake of this forum I will focus on Java applets.

    In particular, I had been working on a menu before the problems began in IE. Things looked very good. Now, I still can't even see it in IE, but applets are working in Netscape. However, a couple things were different.

    1. Applets that loaded nearly instantly in IE now took a few seconds to come up in Netscape.
    2. More importantly to me at this time... some fonts are not rendered very good in Netscape.

    In my menu I am using Arial, which looked just fine in IE when it was still working, but in Netscape, it's like parts of the letters are chopped off.

    Also, I have some html pages that have several examples of different menus on them. These are displayed fragmented all over the screen and parts of them remain on the screen even after I close the window. They used to display just fine in IE.

    If anyone has any insight into any of these problems, I would appreciate your input. Especially why text looks different in Netscape, but I'm still trying to figure out why I can't see applets in IE... that thread is in "new to java."



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    Hey. I'm not sure of all the technical reasons for this, but basicaly it's because netscape and IE use different optimization techniques for applets, they use a different VM (Virtual Machine), and about the text and things staying on the screen after, it could be because IE and Netscape don't have all the same events, and some may be called at a delay with Netscape. Also, about the time problem, Netscape is a pretty slow browser. Opera's by far the fastest, but it has other problems... IE's pretty good although unfortunately mine's really messed up so I use a combination of Opera and Netscape depending on what I want to do. And, well, there's not much you can do about it. The only thing is to test it on different browsers (IE and Netscape are the most popular, worry about compatability with them before all else), and hope it works. If it doesn't work on both, well, just make a note to users that it's compatable with a certain browser. Hope this helps.
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    While it doesn't solve any of my problems, it helps in that it explains a few things in terms I can understand. I appreciate you taking the time to reply.

    I still prefer IE too, though I can't get java to work in it. I tried Netscape a while back, probably a 4.0 or so version and for some reason I didn't like it. Now that I'm dabbling in web design I think I'll keep it. It was a real eye opener to see how different some things look. It showed me that my new site design needs a lot of work yet before it will display properly in BOTH IE and Netscape.

    In Netscape, nothing is aligned in a way that makes sense and table borders are different colors, and I have a feeling that's only the beginning of the differences. I have much to learn. Fortunately, my current site design displays fairly close in both browsers. If I had uploaded my new design without having seen it in Netscape... well, it's a big mess in Netscape. The W3C has its work cut out for them.

    Thanks again.


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