Java Virtual Machine

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Thread: Java Virtual Machine

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    Java Virtual Machine

    For many years I have used many of the Java Applets from this site with much success I might add.

    I've recently purchased a new pc with WindowsXP Professional installed which ships with a new version of Internet Explorer. Now whenever I try to use the existing Java Applets from my personal website I get an error that the "Java Virtual Machine" doesn't exist. Because it doesn't exist none of the Java Applets on all of my pages don't display.

    From doing some research I found out that because of the lawsuit between Sun and Microsoft, MS no longer has the virtual machine included with the operating system and it cannot be downloaded from their website.

    How do I get around this problem? How do I get the virtual machine software.

    Thanks in advance.


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    You have to download Java from , XP does not come with it.

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    just to expand on that a bit,
    if you're going to be compiling java then you may want to get the java SDK while on the other hand if you just want to view applets then get the java JRE (they both containe the JVM)

    if you dont know what i'm talking about then just download this

    good luck!
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