I have a question about username and password authentication. I have a Nokia firewall running checkpoint Firewall software on a Unix platform. One of the rules I have set up requires end users to authenticate through a web page that is being hosted on the firewall. I am not certain what web engine is hosting the pages. The pages/code came installed as part of the checkpoint package. I was able to get the authentication working with the default pages and code. Because the default forms and their flow are a bit clumsy I was hoping to change them. Since my background is network administration with very little coding I need some help.

The default code/pages for the current process are all in the same directory on the firewall. There are 8 files called...:ahclientd1.html through ahclientd8.html. I am only using ahclientd 1,2,3 and 7. The remaining is for different services.
Copies of the original code can been seen here:

The following is the current process:
1.User goes to
2.Screen 1 prompts for username input
3.Click submit
4.Screen 2 prompts for password input
5.Click submit
6.Screen 3 displays notification of successful or failed authentication.

I would like to change the code so the username and password input were on the same page. I searched a few Nokia / Checkpoint forums and found some code that was suppose to do what I wanted. But it does not work. Can you have a look at the code and help me understand why it does not work? If you can help me with this or if you have ideas on another way to streamline the process I would appreciate your feedback.
Click here to see a copy of the new code that is suppose to combine the username and password into one form:

Thanks for the help,