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    Mar 2003

    Java on WinXP = App Jitters. Solution?


    Whether trying out an applet at this site or visiting sites with applets, I notice that my little "always on top" GUI CPU-RAM-Swap application jitters; so does the black-on-gray status line text at the bottom of Netscape 7 and Explorer 6.

    My guess is that this phenomenon or its unerlying cause is what drove my default Netscape to seriiously crash a couple of days ago: wiped out all my account setting, emails, etc. (though not Bookmarks).

    Since I'm now in the process of returning to building a site myself, I certainly don't wish to put Java of any kind on a site if it could cause others/myself problems. Yes, I plead over-cautious ingnorance, but I'd rather know what I'm doing.

    My Netscape brower plugin console says I have JavaBeans and Applets, though all are 1.x, not 2.x. Last crash must have wiped out my Sun 2, so maybe I should go getanother, too.

    Any suggestions as to problem(s), fixes, insights, etc.? Reply at earliest convenience appreciated.


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    Mar 2003
    Hey. I have windows xp and netscape 7.0, a month ago my netscape crashed and erased everything, settings, bookmarks and all. I reinstalled it and it was fine again. Just try getting java 2 and reinstalling netscape. Hope this helps.
    - Master Of Souls
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    Mar 2003


    Thanks for reply. Well, whudyaknow... someone else went through this And, guess what -- that little nerd quadrant of neurons in my head did nudge me to to cruise over to Sun today and get 1.4.0_02 since I had only _01.

    Installed, rebooted and just like you, no problems now = no mo' jitters.

    Pheee-ew. I dig them applets. Got to be careful not to overload a site, but a touch here and there will be nice.

    Take care. NRN.

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