Hi all,

I am trying to write a method or statement that will remove any special characters from a String before processing it further.

For example: "Hello my name isn't John" would be changed to "Hello my name isnt John".

I am then tokenizing the String and placing each char of each token into an ArrayList like so, (casting to Character first):


I know I could ckeck each Character against a list of special characters like this:

if(Arraylist[i].equals(') || Arraylist[i].equals(!) || and on and on and on....)

then break without inserting the character into the Array. It seems like this is a very inefficient way to code this.

Isn't there some way to compare the ASCII code of each character and say something like:

if((ASCII_VALUE) of Arraylist[i] > someASCIIVal)

Then break without adding to Array.