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    public colours problem

    This is probably a really basic question but;

    I need to carry out an assignment statement in my applet which is a colour picker. There is a grid of 12 coloured buttons and when you click one I want it to assign that colour to a public colour named current colour. So then I will be able to set the background or text of something else to whatever the current colour is.

    The way I did it with numbers was to have a

    public int currentnumber at the top and then I used

    if (e.getSource()==b1) currentnumber =1;

    this is what I want to do only instead of numbers to use colours.

    like I said i'm probably missing something really simple but i'd appreciate any help

    thanks in advance

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    Mar 2003
    post your code, or at least what you have so far.

    use code blocks please.
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    If you want to store which color it is after the user clicks the button as the color name, you could do this... at the beginning of the code declare a string (String colorName) and then when you have the source of the event, instead of saying currentnumber = 1, put colorName = "red":

    if (e.getSource()==b1) colorName = "red";

    When you need to find out what color is chosen later on, you can use the compareTo function, like this:

    if (colorName.compareTo("red") == 0) {
    //The color is red
    else if (colorName.compareTo("blue") {
    //the color is blue

    Hope this helps,
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