how do i access data structure in different class

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Thread: how do i access data structure in different class

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    Apr 2003

    how do i access data structure in different class

    Hi , Please help me, i've created a datastructure in class Pos, which is used in class ass1.

    the Pos type is changed to ass1 type in ass1 class
    with the function ass1()

    so then i have a "ass1 array[][]"
    now, i am having problem accessing the Pos individual elements in this array ..
    can't really do system.out.print(array[1][1].value);

    how do i access them ?

    import java.util.*;
    import java.text.*;
    import java.lang.*;
    import java.util.*;

    class Pos{

    int value, i;
    int S, W, E, N;

    Pos(int newValue, int s, int w, int e, int n){
    value = newValue;
    S = s; W = w; E = e; N = n;

    public class ass1{

    private Pos root;
    static Pos p;
    static int [][] circuit_board = new int[11][11];
    static Pos [][] circuit_board1 = new Pos[11][11];
    static ass1 [][] circuit_board2 = new ass1[11][11];
    static String line, cell;
    static StringTokenizer tokenizer;

    public ass1(){root = null;}

    public static Pos insert(Pos t, int newValue, int s, int w, int e, int n){
    t = new Pos(newValue, s, w, e, n);
    return t;

    public void insert(int newValue, int s, int w, int e, int n){
    root = insert(root, newValue, s, w, e, n);

    public void add(ass1 t, int newValue, int s, int w, int e, int n){
    insert(newValue, s, w, e, n);

    public static void printBoard(int [][] board){

    for(int i=0;board[i][0] != -1; i++){
    for(int j=0;board[0][j] != -1;j++){

    public static int findXsize(int array[][]){
    int i;
    for(i=0;array[0][i] != -1;i++);
    return i-1;

    public static int findYsize(int array[][]){
    int i;
    for(i=0;array[i][0] != -1;i++);
    return i-1;

    public static ass1[][] array2D2Ass1Array(int array[][]){

    int i, j;
    ass1 t = new ass1();
    for(i=0; array[i][0]!= -1 ;i++){
    for(j=0; array[i][j] != -1; j++){
    if(i == 0 && j == 0){t.add(t, array[i][j], array[i+1][j], -1,array[i][j+1], -1);}
    else if(i == 0){t.add(t, array[i][j], array[i+1][j], array[i][j-1], array[i][j+1], -1);}
    else if(j == 0){t.add(t, array[i][j], array[i+1][j], -1, array[i][j+1], array[i-1][j]);}
    else{ t.add(t, array[i][j], array[i+1][j], array[i][j-1], array[i][j+1], array[i-1][j]);}

    circuit_board2[i][j] = t;
    return circuit_board2;

    public static int[][] input2Array2D(String filename){
    int i=0, j=0, num=0;

    ass1 t = new ass1();

    FileReader fr = new FileReader("test.txt");
    BufferedReader inFile = new BufferedReader (fr);

    while((line = inFile.readLine()) != null){ //Get input
    tokenizer = new StringTokenizer(line);
    while(tokenizer.hasMoreTokens()){ //Check if more token left
    cell = tokenizer.nextToken();
    num = Integer.parseInt(cell); //Convert type string to int
    circuit_board[i][j] = num; //Initialise circiut board

    circuit_board[i][j] = -1;
    circuit_board[i][j] = -1; //Set termination point

    catch(IOException exception){
    return circuit_board;

    public static void main(String args[]){

    circuit_board2 = array2D2Ass1Array(input2Array2D("test.txt"));


    ///////////////////////////////END OF CODE////////////////////

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    Mar 2003
    Firstly, I suggest you choose new names for your classes - I got utterly confused when reading your instructions. Also, it is the Java convention to capitalise the first character of a class name.

    Secondly, you access the elements of an array thus:
      int [][] circuit_board = new int[11][11];

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