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    Apr 2003

    Question What do you people use for check file chenges(classes)?

    Before all excuse my English, I`m not form an english speaking country.
    I`d like to know how control file changes, I mean, I`ll have in charge 3 programmers and it`ll be very difficult to know which classes had been changed and control it.
    I`d be amazing that you tell me some kind of software to download (possible open source, or free), or what kind of methods do you use for this problem.

    From Argentina, thank you all.
    Leonardo Lopez

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    Mar 2003
    If I'm understanding your question.. you just want to be able to document when a programmer updates the source to something he's working on?

    I don't see the need for any software. I always comment out a huge amount of information at the beginning of my code. at the end of this documentation, I always have a modifications history section with dates and a short explanation to what was modified.

    this was copied from some code that I wrote for an assignment last week.

    short explanation to what this class is.

    a brief explanation of the methods in it

    a history section.

    		This class models data in a file containing earthquake data.
    		It is organized using fixed character locations
    			public getCountryName()
    				converts the innameteger locations 1 15  to the country
    			public boolean isMissingCountryName()
    				calls isMissing passing the field for Country name
    			public getYear()
    				converts the integer locations 16 19 to the year of the
    			public boolean isMissingYear()
    				calls isMissing() and passes field for year
    			public getMonth()
    				converts the integer locations 20 21 to the month of
    					the earthquake
    			public boolean isMissingMonth()
    				calls isMissing() passing field for month
    			public getDay()
    				converts the integer locations 22 23 to the day of the
    			public boolean isMissingDay()
    				calls isMissing() and passes field for day
    			public getMagnitude()
    				converts the integer locations 24 28 to the magnitude
    			public isMissingMagnitude()
    				calls isMissing() passing field for magnitude
    			public getNumberOfDeaths()
    				converts the integer locations 29 36 to the number of
    			public boolean isMissingNumberOfDeaths()
    				calls isMissing() and passes field for death count
    			public getTsunamiFlag()
    				converts the integer locations 37 37 to the flag Y/N
    					for Tsunami status
    			public boolean isMissingTsunamiFlag()
    				calls isMissing() and passes field for tsunami flag
    				added methods that call isMissing() passing the current
    					field.  to check for missing data in each field
    					added overriding compareTo()
    I'm surprised more of you people don't get hit by cars.

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    Mar 2003


    I hate to disagree with Fantic, but I think you *really* need a piece of source and version control software. The one I use at work is the free and open-source 'SourceJammer'. You can download it from:


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    Apr 2003


    Thank you so much Archangel. You really undeerstood what I meant, I think your information`ll realy good for me.
    To the other guy who replied me, Fantik, I must tell you
    : "I'm surprised more of you Fantik don't get hit by cars."

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