I have an xml file, that I want to read and write different
output files for. I do not want use xml feature, just want
to separate the large input file in smaller output files.
Problem: the output text has things like "? " instead
of accented texts (i.e. passť appears like pass?).
I use eclipse, and the text in the console output, via
System.out.println(...) appears correct!

I tried to set the CharSet, but with no success.
Here is the relevant code part:

fi = new FileInputStream(dat);
is = new InputStreamReader(fi);
bufRd = new BufferedReader(is);

String sChSetOut = is.getEncoding(); // = "Cp1252"

fo = new FileOutputStream(datOut);
os = new OutputStreamWriter(fo, sChSetOut);
fWrt = new BufferedWriter(os);

line = bufRd.readLine();

// do the selection of the output file ...

// Write:
fWrt.newLine(); // text in file lost accents and umlatus
// Echo written lines:
System.out.println(line); // text appears correct with accents

Thanks for help