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Thread: like yahoo games

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    May 2003

    like yahoo games

    i'm new with java.

    I'd like to know if java programs over the internet (like yahoo games u can interact speak chat with other people logged) uses java technologies....

    if yes as i suppose.

    What are the java API i need to be documentated to develp a similar application... that communicate with other people... let you to speak with microphone with other people and interact...

    thank you

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    Mar 2003
    You've posted in the wrong forum area. For future reference, you really need 'New To Java'. But anyway...

    OK. Before you get carried away with visions of writing Java games and chat programs I suggest you buy yourself a nice Java book (personally, I recommend 'Beginning Java' by Wrox) and start with the basics first.

    To be able to program in Java you need a Java compiler, the Java API (a listing of the libraries available to Java programs) and an editor (notepad will do to begin with, but there are lots of nice, free ones on the web). You'll be able to get the compiler and API from

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