"MarkN" <m@n.com> wrote:
>So the usage >of MS.Net, and thus careers in it, depends on a few things

and how they pan out:
>1. The rise and widespreed acceptance of Linux - will it?
>2. Windows and how the licensing and closedness and new (future) security
>'features' (Paladium) affects its acceptance.
>3. How well will the Open Source version of .Net succeed and how useful

>it be?
>4. Which FUD and which truths will be believed and accepted?
>5. When and how well will the economy recover?
>6. How many MS shops will move to MS.Net and when will they do it?

This is a good summary. Regarding the perennial Linux question (will it
become widely accepted) this is a tough one to call. I found this recent
discussion particularly relevant:


Basically, it discusses the contradictory objectives of some of the Linux
community members - - that is:

a) Linux is my hobby, I do it for free, outsiders should not complain about
missing features or usability or whatever because they're not paying me.

b) We want Linux to become accepted by everyone, not just techies who are
willing to read newsgroups, modify code and recompile to get what they need.

Both statements are perfectly fine taken individually, but taken together
they just don't make sense. This is the core issue for Linux adoption and
it will be interesting to see how this plays out . . .