I have acquired a little knowledge of Pascal and C and C++.... enough to do simple programs with simple functions..... like showing the times tables-- showing a a menu and acting on input........ adding/totaling etc...... nothing really heavy or advanced ( heck, not ever intermediate!) --- now I have a chance to teach a course on Intro to Programming but they want it using JAVA!
OH NO- I don't have an idea what a class or an object is. I've programmed for a years in those other languages and never needed an object or created a class.... so what am I to do.
Each and every textbook I peruse seems to subscribe to the same geek code of explanations--- "the languguage is ideally suited for designing and manipulating objects. and you define clases that describe the nature of these objects." I mught be super dense -- and can't think in the abstract- I can't get a handle on what an object is and what I need classes of them!

H E L P put this in a language a middle school student can understand ( and not one who just happens to be the son of a programmer) !
How 's that for your challenge of the day ( and you thought teaching was soooo easy! )

Best regards - thanks ahead of time ... please post here and copy to quickclick@optonline.net