An other problem with my JDialogBox (ChoiceBox)

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Thread: An other problem with my JDialogBox (ChoiceBox)

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    An other problem with my JDialogBox (ChoiceBox)

    I've a problem with my ChoiceBox (JDialogBox);
    my ChoiceBox is made of some label for the messages and two buttons: YES and NO;
    Now, I want to know if I can use this for various action like cancel,save,exit;
    or must I create a single ChoiceBox for each action in which I want to use it?

    I had thinked to pass to the choiceBox constructor a parameter to describe the action to do;
    so in the YES button method, with an if-else construct I could choose the action to do;
    But some action are more complex so that it doesn't seem the best solution.

    Can I do something with wait() method...?

    Thank and excuse me for my poor english.
    (capienza 2,5 Mb)

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    Mar 2003
    I don't know what you're thinking about with the wait() method as it's got nothing to do with this, it's to do with inter-thread communication.

    I think there's part of the Java libraries that you haven't discovered. There are several static methods on the 'javax.swing.JOptionPane' class which can be used to activate simple dialog boxes:

    showConfirmDialog Asks a confirming question, like yes/no/cancel.
    showInputDialog Prompt for some input.
    showMessageDialog Tell the user about something that has happened.
    showOptionDialog The Grand Unification of the above three.

    In this case I think you could use showConfirmDialog(...).

    (Further details may be found at

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    Jun 2003
    Thank you very much Arch..
    I didn't have never used JOptionPane.
    It's beautiful;
    in a few code line I've solve all my problems.
    Thanks again.
    (capienza 2,5 Mb)

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