hi !

I have developed a site for video download using JSP , running in apache-tomcat
server on windows.

I need to track down the user activities as how much one valid user downloads
from my site and restrict him in case he /she downloads more than 1GB data
in the last 24 hours using his account.It means he can not download the stuff
more than 1GB in the last 24 hours.

How can i achieve this task.What user info can i have from the request in
order to track the above said details. i want to do it in JSP way.Is it possible.If
yes, pl. tip me as how should i go about it.

since i am in a hurry to complete the coding .i would appreciate any response
relevant to this.
In fact i have been harboring this question without a reply for the past
2 months.

thanks in advance and regards