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    Jul 2003

    Question Applet Blackouts

    Hi All!

    Well, I'm trying to install a small Java applet on a client's site - and I've not worked with applets before. The applet itself is working fine, BUT when I try to place an animated gif as an overlay - which is allowed within the parameters - it sometimes produces a large solid black square within one or two of the frames of the animated gif. I keep remaking the animated gif, and changing the name of it and reloading it, but I've not reached the point where I have the gif the way I want it - and without the black squares popping up!

    I've noticed this effect on other applets I've seen on the web, but can't find the problem addressed anywhere!

    I am working in and viewing this in IE 5.5 - and can view other applets with no problems - so it doesn't seem to be a computer problem.

    I'd like to know what causes it as well as a fix, so I can avoid this problem in the future! ;-)

    Can anyone tell me why the animated gif breaks up like this and how to prevent it?

    Sure appreciate your help ...

    Thanks, Shirley
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    Mar 2003
    hmmm....how are you animating it?

    Is the GIF itself flickering?

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    Jul 2003

    Thumbs up Problem Solved ...

    Hi There!

    Well, I managed to solve this myself - in a most UNtechnical manner and completely by chance!

    I switched the order of the frames, and voila! - no more blackouts!

    I still have no idea HOW that worked to resolve the problem (and honestly I would love it if someone knew WHY it happened and WHY switching the order of the frames fixed the problem) but the bottom line is that it is fixed!

    Thanks everyone for your help - and ArchAngel - just fyi, it wasn't really 'flickering' per se, the black square would show up underneath two of the frames, and made them 'run together', ie: frame 3 would show, then the black square would show with frame 3 content STILL there as well as frame 4's content, then frame 4 would show as it was supposed to, etc. - somehow the animation was creating a 'new frame' that didn't exist that contained the content from both frame 3 and 4 - with the black square behind them.

    Very strange ... and probably even stranger - the fix - I just made frame 4 the starting frame, and then created the animation using the exact same frames, just in a different order [4-5-6-1-2-3] - ending with frame 3 - and even tho it was looped to repeat indefinitely - that somehow worked!

    So I guess the moral of the story is ... if you have an animation that's getting a black square showing up and merging two frames - split up the two frames involved and rearrange the order of the frames in the animation!

    If it's a continuous loop animation, it doesn't matter all that much where it starts in most cases!

    Thanks for your reply, ArchAngel, and a special thanks to Jim Menees who e-mailed me and tried his best to help me with this bug!

    Thanks and take care, Shirley
    Stressed? Frustrated??
    Take a deep breath ...
    and hug your cat!

    The world's best therapy!

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