Hello Struts Gurus:
I am processing a collection in my jsp page. I write a row of data per item in my collection. At the end of each row before processing the next item in the collection, I write an html text box.
<logic:iterate ....>
<td><bean:write bla bla /></td>
<td><html:text property="comment" indexed="true" /></td>

In my ActionForm I have a property declared comment and it is a String[] (with a get/set).

My problem: When the page is submitted to the server, and the action's forward is set to go back to the same page; all of the entered info in the indexed text fields is gone. I am under the assumption that my form bean would hang on to this information and repopulate the text boxes for me; quite similar to a non-indexed text box.
FYI: the reset(..) method in my form bean does nothing.

Any ideas? Am I using the textbox wrong? I am not that new to struts, but I could be having a brain fart. Thanks.