ok, tighten your shorts, pilgrim and sing like the Duke.

I'm creating a Christmas CD that runs from the user's web browser without having to connect to the net. So all the html's, images, music, etc. are all contained on the CD, 'k?

SOOO, I want to use the Icalendar (an advent calendar located on this web site) as the front end to access all the goodies.

Now, the target link in the code is defined as a URL "http://what.ever.com" and so forth. I can use the code "file:///c:/files/stuff.zip", which is fine, but the trick is that you never know what the user's CD-ROM drive letter will be.

The problem is that I can't just reference the file based on the directory pointer defined within the browser, based on the last file accessed. That is, I can't just say "file:///stuff.zip", which theoretically would eliminate the problem. (I CAN use it if the CD is run within Netscape, but not IE, but I don't know what browser the user has as the default).

Any ideas how I can get around this? I've contacted Mr. Gustavsson (the author of Icalendar) about this, but he doesn't have any ideas, and hasn't upgraded his applet.