java applet for form to mail problem

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Thread: java applet for form to mail problem

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    java applet for form to mail problem

    I am a complete newbie to java, but would like to make an applet version of the "while you were out" phone message pads -- the kind where you can put in the caller's name, number, check a few boxes to show whether he/she will call again etc, and then e-mail it to whoever missed the call. I want to use the mailto command since I want to send the actual formatted e-mail through the sender's e-mail program, and I want it to be basically client-side as much as possible (I know that has a similar code, but that would mean putting an asp code on the server) . Can anyonw tell me how to do this -- or better still, direct me to any code that does this kind of thing?
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    Things to think about:

    * Unless signed, applets do not have access to the host machine (meaning they cannot run commands).
    * Running native commands (mailto) on a host machine is not a good idea as it makes the code platform-dependent.
    * The Swing API will allow you to create a graphical application rather than an applet.
    * The JavaMail API can be used to send e-mails.

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