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    Exclamation Im new and confused!!!

    I want to teach my self Java, but ive encountered a problem. Whenever I look at books which ive been told are good, i find the same book with the same title, except for one word. Ive found Java, Java2 and JavaScript, could someone please help me out and explain what the difference between the three is? And in your opinninon, which is the best to start with?



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    Hi, Angelfire, and welcome.

    Java is full programming language, whilst JavaScript is scripting language used to provide extra functionality for web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, etc.

    JavaScript is often used to create BUTTONS that can be clicked on to cause specific things to happen. It may also be used to create text effects such as colour changes or scrolling. Any script written in JavaScript is interpreted ( = pretty slow in computing terms ) by your Internet Browser.

    Java is a fully-fledged programming language and can be used to do just about anything you can think of. It is most commonly looked at from the point of APPLETS or APPLICATIONS. An applet is a mini-program with strict security limitations which is run inside a web browser. To use recent versions of Java ( Java2, for example) you'll need to have a suitably up-to-date Java Plug In, which is downloadable FREE from Sun.

    An application is a full program which does not have the strict security limitations of the applets. You can write games, word-processors, music programs... absolutely anything.

    Java is partially compiled into byte code, which is then interpreted by the Java Virtual Machine. ( This is medium-slow in computing terms) Fully compiled languages like C++ are very fast. However, with the ever increasing speed of processors....

    Java is partially compiled because this makes it portable. If you write an applet on a PC running Linux, the same applet should run on a Mac running OS X, as long as both machines have the Java Virtual Machine.

    Which is the best to start with?
    This depends upon what you want to do. If you want to learn a complete and powerful Object Oriented Language ( OOL ) then definitely start with Java. If you want to learn how to tweak web pages, then JavaScript.

    If you buy a decent book on Java, it should come with the CD containing the Software Developer's Kit, JVM, and a whole lot more. Make sure the SDK is ATLEAST version 1.4

    Good luck with whatever you choose to learn.
    Joyous Monkey

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