I am looking for an obsessed Java guru who oozes beautiful code into existence in his sleep! One who is capable of making or reproducing games , but with a twist. I will reveal the twist to the interested parties upon application! I can promise a nice steady flow of revenue to my new Java comrad if he is willing to work with me towards a common goal.

You will need humour, as little emotional baggage as possible plus a positive nature. I cant hack negative miserble gongaloids so dont even bother breathing my way if you cant see that the top half of the half filled bottle is just a conservatory for a happy insect

I look forward to hearing from you guys. If you want to check me out then just read my profile or even bang my name into a search engine, you might find me to be known for the occaisional creative venture in life!

Kind regards
Basil Simonenko
Creative director/producer Globaltecindustries