Hey all,

My company just launched a free public beta for a Location Based application called TagandScan. TagandScan is a service for your mobile phone that enables you to mark real physical locations with an electronic tag. Tags automatically contain the time and location where and when the tag was made. They also can contain a title, description, and a photo.

People use our service for a number of purposes:

1. Community development. We enable our members to tag locations and to store those tags in public grids that everyone can scan. Public grids range
from events and reviews to online art galleries to history. After a while, we hope locations will build up layers upon layers of interesting and useful information.

2. Spatial Memory. In big cities people find interesting places and then try to find them later with no success. With TagandScan you can tag it and forget it. TagandScan remembers for you.

3. Public expression. Graffiti is illegal. Digital Graffiti isn't. People can tag public places with their opinions or just to commemorate a personal event.

We really need some tech-savvy mobile users to play with the application for a while. All you need is a Java enabled phone and to use T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2, or Orange in the UK. To sign up, go to www.tagandscan.com. Happy Tagging!