Capturing a web pages html source

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Thread: Capturing a web pages html source

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    Capturing a web pages html source

    What I'm trying to do is get a piece of text from a specific line in a web pages html source. The problem is that the html file is dynamically created and returned from a request made to a php file, so I can't just put in the url of the page to get the actual html file. I need to do this a couple of hundred times, so doing it manually isn't the way to go. I need my program to be able to repeatedly enter an address (the php request) into Internet Explorer's address bar, then save the source from these pages to my hard drive as a .txt or even .html file, I could then easily write something to extract what I need, since it's always in the same place of all the pages.

    Any help is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance

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    Nah, you've got the wrong idea - sending a String to Internet Explorer itns't the way to go. Use the class to download the HTML.

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