Javascript menus type problem

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Thread: Javascript menus type problem

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    Nov 2003

    Question Javascript menus type problem

    I am having trouble with my Javascript menus. Its not the Javascript that is the problem. Its the fact that whenever my javascript menu drops down, the menu pane falls behind HTML controls on my web page (controls such as the select control).

    I have heard there is a way of getting around this by using a combination of iframes and div sections, but I have not found an adequately demonstrated example of how they are used.

    Can anyone tell me how to get around this problem. It would be much appreciated as it is driving me completely bonkers!

    Thank you in anticipation

    Al c

    P.S I have attached a picture so you can visualise the problem
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    This is a Java forum, not Javascript. I think you'll have more success in a different forum.

    Have you tried any packages written by other people:

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