We at AmberPoint have built a free, fully functional, ad-free product for monitoring, diagnosing & troubleshooting Web services messages. It operates for Web services built with Tomcat/Axis and other Java versions will be available the first half of 2004. It helps developers that are building and deploying Web services.

Some of its basic features include:
• Performance Monitoring: View Web service performance in real time with easy-to-digest charts for response time, throughput and SOAP fault counts
• Analysis: Gain a quick understanding of performance bottlenecks and errors from drilling down into SOAP messages from performance graphs
• Diagnosis: Inspect SOAP messages for content, faults and errors in an easy-to-read fashion to understand and debug anomalous Web service behavior
• Testing: Resubmit messages from history or auto-generate new SOAP messages based on WSDL to fine-tune Web services
• Available at no charge!
We believe the community will find Express useful during the development and testing of Web services projects and we also hope you may consider AmberPoint’s enterprise-level products should the need arise.

Go here to download. http://express.amberpoint.com/?disti=blog