Please can someone help i am useing the java applet to scroll text in a now playing feature of my site, it works fine on the homepage but when I go to another page in the site the area is greyed out!My page is built using server side includes for the navbar and body. The code i am useing is..

<applet CODE="scroller.class" width=105 height=10>
<PARAM NAME="message" VALUE="<%=objTextStream.ReadAll%>">
<param name = "direction" Value ="4" >
<Param name = font_size value = "10">
<Param name = BgColor value ="555D72">
<param name = TextColor value = "FFFF99">
<param name = speed value = "slow">
<param name = Font_Style value = "Bold">
<param name = Font_Name value = "Helvetica">

I think the problem has to do with absolute and relative paths for the scroller.class file.
Any ideas?