Java Windows Open And Then Close Immediately

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Thread: Java Windows Open And Then Close Immediately

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    Jan 2004

    Java Windows Open And Then Close Immediately

    Please help. Whenever I click on a link (in IE6 on WinXP) that opens a java window, the window opens and then closes immediately. I would appreciate any suggestions on either how to fix this or who to ask.

    Thanks a bunch.

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    Is this something that has recently happened, or has this always been the situation? If it's recent, I'd be tempted to use System Restore in XP to take things back in time to a point when Java was working... Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools> System Restore...

    If it's never worked, or System Restore proves ineffective, I'd be looking at installing a clean copy of the Java Runtime... link follows :

    Hope it helps,
    Joyous Monkey

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    Jan 2004
    Thanks for the reply.

    Java popup windows have worked for me in the past, but system restore doesn't help. I tried the clean install too and that doesn't seem to work either.

    I wonder if I might have a virus or something?


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    Sep 2002
    If you suspect a virus or other form of mal-ware, the best thing would be to run a full scan using up-to-date anti-virus software. If you're not currently using any I'd recommend an online scan... eg :

    ...there are others online. This won't remove the virus ( if there is one ) but it will identify it, and you can then search for a removal tool.

    I'd also consider looking at spy/ad-ware, as these can attack browsers... do a search in google for "spybot" ... it's free and very handy for removing a lot of browser attacks.

    Finally, it's worth looking inside Internet Explorer itself to see if there is anything unusual in its settings.


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