When i instantiate an object with parameters " SubClient clientobjecttest = new SubClient(fsname,lsname,tphone,adss); "
my code kicks out the following error

C:\J2SDK1~1.2_0\BIN>javac reportprogram.java
reportprogram.java:169: cannot resolve symbol
symbol : constructor SubClient (java.lang.String,java.lang.String,int,java.lang
location: class SubClient
SubClient clientobjecttest = new SubClient(fsname,lsname,tphone,adss);


Thing is, if I donít include the parameters, it compiles ok, so I suspect I need to use super so I inserted it by where it says problem 1 in the code.

Still I have this problem. Please could you help.

class Person{

	void Person(String fsname,String lsname,int tphone,String adss) {

	// as of this moment i am unsure of how data will getinto these variable possile by the use of super
	String firstname;
	String lastname;
	String address;
	int telephonenumber;

class SubClient extends Person {

	//creating a constructor to get variables ,because i dont seem to be able to the the class to exten as well as 
	//take parameters.
		void SubClient(String fsname,String lsname,int tphone,String adss) {

		super(fsname,lsname,tphone,adss);	 			// PROBLEM 1		
			String testvalue = "test";
			super.firstname = fsname;
			super.lastname = lsname;
			super.telephonenumber =tphone;		
			super.address = adss;
			// the line above is only for test
		void printclientdetails() {


class reportprogram {
	public static void main(String args[])throws IOException{

	// thes variables for testing	
	String destina	 = "paris";
	String flightno 	= " ch102";
	int    noofcargo	= 4;
	char   cargoclass	= 'd';

//SubClient clientobjecttest = new SubClient(fsname,lsname,tphone,adss);	
SubClient clientobjecttest = new SubClient();