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    Elementary teacher needs some help

    I'm a 5th grade public school teacher. Sadly, my class has a bunch of age old Mac's, that can connect to the internet, but are slow as dirt.
    I have a cd I made with several shockwave logic games burnt, that I can load straight into the computer. It was easy to dl the swf file here at home and set it up.
    I would really like to put some java games directly on a cd to run, but I'm not sure how to do it. Java games like PopCap, etc, would be great for my classroom. As slow as the computers are, it's a lot better than trying to load them from the internet, which usually fails.
    If anyone can give me some tips on how to take a java game, and put it on a cd so it will load on a Mac (which again, the Macs load the programs, but it's either slow, or has errors because it's slow as dirt), let me know. Thanks for any help.

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    Odd that a teacher would ENCOURAGE game playing...[shrug]....

    If you're talking about applets (which I think you are, you just need to get the HTML page that the applet is in and any of the files the applet relies upon (.class or .jar).

    Then burn those files onto the CD!

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    Jan 2004
    1 - Thanks very much for the information.

    2 - Many of the games you find on the net work really well at building problem solving and logic skills. Sadly, it's these basic thinking processes that many kids in lower income areas lack.

    Again, thanks much

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    ..ahhh....k....all the best.

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    oof! good luck getting those java games to run on an aging mac.. java tends to be fairly resource demanding at the best of times...

    however, all the information you need is right there on the page..

    if you click the JAR tutorial in my sig, somewhere in it is the HTML needed to get a jar onto the web. you can use this to take one back off the web!

    games like popcap's offerings will be stored as jars or cabs.. so get the game up on a decent computer, and choose edit.. view source.. youre looking at the html source for the web page..

    locate the applet tag or OBJECT/EMBED that loads the game, and look at the archive, jar_archive or codebase directives... as an example, i nipped over to www.anfyteam.com cos i knew they do applets..

    viewing the source i found the following html:

    <applet archive="titlewater.jar" code="titlewater.class" width="182" height="150">

    this is a relative url.. if i nip out and look at the page, i see that it is http://www.anfyteam.com/index.html
    because the applet tag has a archive directive of merely "titlewater.jar" i know that i can delete the index.html, type in "titlewater.jar" and press return.. and ie will allow me to save the jar file with the applet in..

    suppose the url were:
    and it had an archive of "/someGame.jar"
    well the first slash means it is stored on the root of the server:

    if it had an archive of "someGame.jar"
    no slash means it is stored on the same level as the current page:

    you know what i mean?

    now you have the jar, you also know which is the main class, thanks to the code="titlewater.class" line.. that should be all you need to reasonably run the game...
    however, too, there is no harm in saving the html page, cutting all the junk out of it, from around the applet tag or OBJECT/EMBED, leaving just that, then putting the html file, plus jar on a disk.. opening the html file iin IE will allow the applet to load on the page, in the browser, which is easier than mucking around with command line stuffs
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    Thanks so much for the tips. I'll try them, and let you know how they work out. I'm able to pull Flash games easy, and they run okay on the old macs. Hoping Java will do decently well. Thanks again.

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