I'm a 5th grade public school teacher. Sadly, my class has a bunch of age old Mac's, that can connect to the internet, but are slow as dirt.
I have a cd I made with several shockwave logic games burnt, that I can load straight into the computer. It was easy to dl the swf file here at home and set it up.
I would really like to put some java games directly on a cd to run, but I'm not sure how to do it. Java games like PopCap, etc, would be great for my classroom. As slow as the computers are, it's a lot better than trying to load them from the internet, which usually fails.
If anyone can give me some tips on how to take a java game, and put it on a cd so it will load on a Mac (which again, the Macs load the programs, but it's either slow, or has errors because it's slow as dirt), let me know. Thanks for any help.