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    Question JSP sessions problem


    I am having problems implementing JSP sessions. Currently I have a JSP login page (1) when submitted, will forward login info to another JSP page (2)to validate against the DB table. On this page I also start the session:

    session.setAttribute("login", loginnamevar);

    A link with a response.encodeURL(url) takes the user to the member JSP page (3). On first arrival the session.getAttribute("login"); succesfully retreives the loginname set earlier.
    The problem is when i refresh the page, the session variable dissapears and shows null in pages test code.
    Is this to do with Resin, because it works locally using Tomcat? Am i doing this correctly?
    Please help

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    it might be a result of a few things.. immediately springing to mind, are things like:

    has the session expired?

    are you sure that resin actually receives a cookie or re-written url from the browser, when refresh is pushed?

    I use a utility called HTTPWatch 3.0 to examine what my browser receives and sends to servers; you could use it or something similar to see if the cookies are being sent correctly...
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