Hi everyone

Im posting a message as I need help with java

Im a student and I got a Assignment in java to do to design a ticket machine (read assignment) it should use basic things like calculating change

But Im at a loss!

Can some tell me, how to change the position of a scroll bar that im using as a slider to select different images, and how to change the position of a button!

If theres any one out there that can help me then I would be very grateful, and would given pay a little .$$$

Here is basically what I have to do

You have been commissioned by a local transport authority to improve the design of their underground railway ticket machines. In addition to providing the standard methods of ticket purchase and options of ticket type based on either the travellers knowledge of their fare zone or their final station the transport authority would like key tourist landmarks (illustrated by a small colour picture on the screen) to be a third option.
In your submission you should provide documentation as outlined below.
You may assume that the machine will be placed at a fixed location of your choice.
A simulation of the ticket machine : including
1. An interface which allows passengers.
To request a ticket based on destination zone
To request a ticket based on selecting a picture of a tourist landmark
Cancel the current transaction
2. It should be possible to display a set of pictures of London landmarks by interacting with the display. eg pressing a next button using a slider.
3. The machine should display the selected zone or landmark and the cost.
4. A method must be included to allow the user to test the response of the machine when a passenger feeds in coins or notes in a range of amounts.
5. The machine should display the amount of money remaining to be tendered. Include an out of order display, when no input from the passenger is allowed.
6. The amount of change to be returned after the ticket has been issued should be displayed (the coin/note denominations which the machine will return the change in can be displayed
7. When the correct amount is tendered a ticket should be issued. This is a representation of a ticket no physical output needs to be created.

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