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    Jan 2004

    how to check whether the file exist?

    I am kokhwa.

    I had use Runtime.exec() to run a program. The program will generate a file.

    I need to read the file to generate another file.
    So i have to wait the program generate the file which i want.

    What method should i use to wait until the program generate the file i want?If the file had been generated,
    I will use it. If not, I have to wait it until the file had been generate.

    ...That is my problem!

    anybody know how to solve this problem?
    Thanks for your help!

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    Feb 2004
    something like this:

    java.io.File needed = new java.io.File("C:\myfile.txt");
    while( !needed.exists() ){
      Thread.sleep(2000); //sleep for 2 seconds.. MUST DO THIS
    your code will go into the loop until the file exists, checking every 2 seconds

    note also there are many exceptions thrown that i have not try{}catch{}ed
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