how to compute a string of arithmetic expression?

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Thread: how to compute a string of arithmetic expression?

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    how to compute a string of arithmetic expression?

    a string of arithmetic expression is given, ask to calculate the result, for example:


    this is what the user input, the program should calculate the result , may i know how to do this? thx a lot

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    that string is in what is called INFIX format.. it will be easier to calculate if it were in POSTFIX format.. try this website for an idea about postfix:

    this thread also discusses post fix, somewhat:

    you may also choose (instead) to adopt a scanna nd reduce approach, first scanning the entire string for * operators, and multiplying their operands, then scan for / divides and div the operands, etc..

    in 4 method calls you should have a single answer..

    make your methods somethign like:

    public string reduceMultipliers(String input){}

    the method should take a string such as 1+2*3, and return the string: "1+6"


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