I am new to Java, and all of my experience consists of cutting and pasting free scripts that other people have written.

My problem is this:

When I make a page with visual scripts (for exapmle fireworks or lake type effects) a gray box appears on my page until the applet loads. The box is the same size as the area that the applet uses for the effect. It usually is present for about 2 seconds.

I am using Windows Me and Internet Explorer version 6.0.2800.1106

1) My page background is black. If there is no way to remove the box, can I change its color to match my background?

2) Is my problem caused by my computer? (Memory, operating system, etc.)

I am using the applets in a slideshow presentation and the gray box really detracts from the effect.

Thank you all for your time and any help or suggestions that you can provide.