Good day everyone, first post of mine here. I'm not much of a coder; my function is graphic design and I'm finishing my studies right now. In a web design class and from what I've been told, I need Java to do something I want.

Basically the right side of the site I'm building (which will be a personal site) contains a Flash movie that I want to use as a "featurette". Basically just quick links to various items in the gallery, featured items. I want these movies to rotate though, since I'll be having different featured things in there. I understand I could use Java to script this rotation, which should only happen once the page is refreshed. Unfortunately I don't know how to code.

The one thing I was told is that my movies need to have the same name with a number at the end. So let's suppose my movies are named "right1.swf", "right2.swf", and "right3.swf". What do I need to do now? Will really appreciate help with this!