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    Images and Windows

    Hi I have these two programs which I would like to put together put I'm having trouble and I was wondering if someone could help me:

    This first program opens a new window when the mouse overs the labels and then closes the window when it mouses out: File Name: Test4.java

    The second program gets an image from a database and displays the image and also draws a circle at specific location on the image . the cordinates are also taken from the database but what i would like to happen is that when the user moves there mouse on the circle that a new window will open and when they leave the circle the window disappears.

    File Name for second Program: Test2.java

    Thanks for any and all help with this one its been wreaking my head
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    you dont actually say what the problem is with the first one..

    the second one doesnt have the necessary support files to run.. is "highCrimeRate" a class? why does it start with a lowercase letter then?

    Mapping.class -> what's that?

    getCoords() method -> what's that?
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    The mapping class calls the map from the database.

    the getCoords.class gets the co-ordinates off a database based on the county sent to it.

    The problem I having is intrgrating the Test4.java code
    into this code

    public void paintComponent(Graphics g)
    int j = 0;

    /*Position map on GUI*/

    /*Position Spots on map*/
    for (int i = 1; i <= total; i++)
    lon = coordinate[j];
    lat = coordinate[j];

    Graphics2D g2d = ( Graphics2D ) g;

    // draw 2D ellipse filled with a blue-yellow gradient
    g2d.fill( new Ellipse2D.Double( /*lon*/lon, /*lat*/lat,/*Size*/ 10, 10 ) );


    In this code you see lon and lat these are tkjem from a database but are used to display the dot on the map at various point. What I want is when the user mouses over the dot a new window will appears and when they mouse out it will disappear. I just not able to ingetrate the two bits of code to do that.


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    Its ok I figured it out

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