Hello. I'm a CS student working on my bachelor's degree thru home-study. I'll
be done within 2 years. Before I make my comment, I would like to apologize
in advance for my somewhat lengthy post, but it's the only way I can make
my statement. Saying what I'm about to say, I'm sure I'm gonna catch a lot
a heat, if not downright anger, especially being a student (an older one
at that, I'm 42) so here goes. In an ever-changing economy when companies
are constantly changing the game rules for the benefit of profits and owners,
when are people gonna realize that NO ONE AND I MEAN NO ONE is a permanent
employee anymore? That the 40 year career jobs with good benefits and retirement
are long, long gone? When are you gonna realize that everyone is a temporary
employee? It seems to me that everybody who's complaining about lack of jobs
are those who are very short-sighted and can't see far ahead into the future.
Haven't you learn your bitter and painful lesson on the treatment you've
gotten from former employers who've given you the shaft as a result of your
hard work, dedication, long and ever-lasting loyalty and just being a good
worker? Apparently not. Understanding what employers are doing, why would
you want to get another job only to have the same thing happen to you ALL
OVER AGAIN? Employers are very picky and stingy and they are not hiring
too many people over 25 years old. A sad fact of life, but true nonetheless.

So what's my point? If you have the set of skills and education needed which
are in demand and employers for whatever reason won't hire you, Wouldn't
it make sense to start your own business or perhaps network with other unemployed
programmers with skills and form partnerships together and start businesses?
Obiviously, I feel this is the only way to go. Employers have already sent
their message to the American worker: We don't want to hire you, but we want
you to spend your money on our products. Then get lost!! Seems like an open
and shut case to me.

Now many of you out there with the negativity that you have will say not
everybody is cut out to be in business for themselves. I think that's a moot
point. I think it's something that should be seriously considered because
employers aren't giving you a **** thing except the shaft, which of course
has already been proven. It also goes to show that the negative and bitter
people here can give a million reasons why not to try this and can't give
one reason why to do it and ACT ON IT!!!! And that one reason would make
the difference between having it all and having nothing.

That being said, I'll finish with this: Those in the CS/IT field should already
know that this business is about innovation and creativity. It is only limited
by your imagination. Therefore, if you can see long into the future being
armed with the 2 qualities I mention, then the world is yours. But if you
seek security in the form a just over broke aka job, then my advice to you
is get out. You have no business in this field. You are better doing something
else. No insult intended, just being honest and direct. My 2 cents worth.