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Thread: Html??

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    i pretty much just started messing around with html not too long ago. and i am building a web page that has a page that is dedicated for downloading books in .pdf files and other files. the thing is i want to set this up so that all a person has to do is click on the image specified for the book, and have a prompt come up asking to 'save file'. is there a certain script i need to put in for that?? please help thanks.

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    This is what I found:
    -Make a link to the pdf
    -When the user clicks on it, it will automatically open up Adobe Reader (you may want to put a link to that website as a courtesy in case they dont have it)
    -From there they can print it themselves.

    I also found this a while back:
    ) How to add a "print this page" button to a web site:
    Plenty of free scripts for this function, try searching for "print page script" on any search engine. Go for the javascripts.

    2) How to add a "print this page" button in a pdf file:
    A little more complicated, but it can be done if you have the full version of Acrobat (not Reader). Go to Menu Tools->Advanced Editing->Link Tool. Draw a square on the page. Select "custom link" and hit OK. Click to the Actions tab and select "Execute menu item" from the actions pop-up. Follow the instructions and select the "Print..." menu.
    Now just add a graphic or the text "Print this page" where you drew the link.

    Good luck. I hope it helps!

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