Hi I'm new on java programming and I'm kind of lost, so I need some help please!
I have to do a program that calculates the BMI of a person, weight category, and disease risk based on his/her height and weight. can anyone help me please?
the input should look like this:
what is your sex(m or f)?
what is your height (ft' in")?//here I need to extract the feet and inches values from the height input and convert to meters
what is your weight (lbs)?
what is your waist size (inches)?
I also have to use if statments and while loops to clasifed weight catergory with BMI , disease risk basing on sex category.
So please give me some examples, I'm kind of lost.
So far I got down to the question "what is your waist size", but where I got stuck and I can't figure out is on the height. how can I extract feet and inches after the user enter feet and inches like this 5'4"
Please somebody help me, thank you so much,