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    GridBagLayout Question

    I need some help. I created an input screen with Jlabels, JComboBox, JTextFields and a Gridbaglayout.

    Some of the JComboBoxs read data from files and it works great. My problem is with the layout manager.

    I create a JPanle that holds three other JPanels. The first Jpane works great, but the second and third to no have the correct size. I think I might be messing up with the gridbag's rows/columns.

    Also, I an a little confused why a JFrame does not work. Also, I am not certain 9eventhough it works) how to add the first pane to the frame.

    I am attaching a zipped file. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Well for help with the gridbag layout you could check out cjards Gridbag Tutorial located at a forum with a similar look and feel to this one. Cjard posts on here too, so if his tutorial doesn't help i'm sure he'll find this and post an answer

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    Thanks -

    Hi Mike

    Thanks for your suggestions. I used CJards tutorial and found it real hopeful. I was hoping he would see my question and help. Thanks again...Ronnie

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