Hi there,
I have a requirement for handling the HTTPS message which is sent from a client to the server. All I need to do is get the HTTPS message from the client and parse the contents of HTTPS message (I have to strip the message header, content etal) and process them at the servlet. I am a newbie to Java development and if someone could help me to find resources for stripping the HTTPS messages and then parse them it will be really helpful.

The environment I propose is HTTPS server is Windows 2003 Server running IIS and the servelt will sit in the Tomcat 4.1 server. The client requests the IIS server and posts the multipart HTTPS message data to the server server will just authenticate the HTTPS message and pass it to the Tomcat. Tomcat will inturn run the servlet to extract the contents out of the HTTPS message it received. Is this architecture good enough to be implemented. Any help on this regard would be greatly appreciated.