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    Mar 2004

    Applets and Web Problem

    Hello people, i'm having a problem viewing my applets in a web browser. I'm using Netbeans to create my applet. I can view other applets in a web browser, but whenever i create one, i can't seem to get it to run.

    I let netbeans generate the HTML code for it, and if i run the applet in Netbeans, it opens and runs, but when i try to say open the html file in Internet Explorer, no applet, just a big grey box. btw, the applet opens in applet viewer when i use netbeans.

    I even tried uploading the applet the web, i put the .class file and the html file in the same directory and i used the following html code:

    <APPLET code="map_tester.class" width=800 height=600></APPLET>
    is there any other files i need to add with the applet, as i am importing quite alot of stuff into my applet, like the java.awt.*; (graphics package), but i'm not importing anything extra that i've created, just standard stuff.

    me = beginner, so any help is very welcome!

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    Apr 2004

    Hard to say really. What compiler are you using? Try JDK. I've never had a problem with it. I have heard of similar problems in netbeans.

    What kind of applet is it? Would you mind PMing me the source? (I could have a go at making it on my UNIX system under JDK)


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