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    Apr 2004

    passing 2 dimenisional array to function

    how is it done?!

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    I don't think passing a double array should be any different than passing any other variable.
    public void method1() {
    	int[][] myArr = new int[5][5];
    public void method2(int[][] anArr) {
    	// work with array
    -- Steven

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    Re: passing 2 dimenisional array to function

    Originally posted by arironen
    how is it done?!
    in java, we call them methods.. are you a c programmer? in java, the array pointers are handled for you.. just use their name as a reference to the whole array, and make sure the types are consistent

    public void myMethod(TYPE NAME, TYPE2 NAME2, TYPE3 NAME3... etc ...)

    so a 5 dimensional array of ints is:

    int[][][][][] the5D....

    and to pass it to a method:

    public void methodTakes5DArray(int[][][][][] fiveDim){

    note that arrays can be stripped of their dimension, as a 5D array can be thought of as an array of 4Dimensional arrays:

    //declare an array of ten, 4D arrays:
    int[][][][][] the5D = new int[10][][][][];
    public void methodTakesA4DArray(int[][][][] the4D){
    and elsewhere:
    for(int i=0; i<10; i++){  //better to write i<the5D.length
      //call the 4D method
    The 6th edict:
    "A thing of reference thing can hold either a null thing or a thing to any thing whose thing is assignment compatible with the thing of the thing" - ArchAngel, www.dictionary.com et al.
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    Apr 2004
    Thank you for the replies, it seems i was calling the function(method ) from a static contex(public void static main), since i wasnt using any classes i just made the function static. Thanks again for the replies.

    ps: yes, i have programmed in c and my only complaint about java is it making me type out boolean instead of bool and the lack of #define, other than that i love java

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