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    Mar 2003

    Abstract Method Error

    For some reason or other, I keep getting this error message:

    java.lang.AbstractMethodError: BoundedEnv.eaten(LLocationV

    Here is the coding that pertains to it inside class BoundedEnv:

    public void eaten(Location obj)
    // Remove the object from the grid.
    theGrid[obj.row()][obj.col()] = null;

    I guess the main question I have, is why is it an Abstract Method Error? The class is called correctly, with no var problems as far as I can tell. If needed, I can supply more information.

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    Feb 2004
    that error is thrown if a call to an abstract method is made at runtime, and can only be thrown if a class has been changed since the last time the currently executing method was compiled. Did you change the class BoundedEnv at all? I think you'll need to show the class BoundedEnv (or at least the methods row() and col(), and any methods they call).

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    Mar 2003


    The problem is, the method I'm calling is a void, not an abstract...

    I don't have the coding for row() and col(), all I have for it is the class file. But, as far as I know, they just locate the coordinates of said object in a grid.

    I do have the coding for BoundedEnv, but it is quite lengthy with all the comments that came with it. Want me to post it here slimmed down, or put a link to the complete code on here?

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