Main Window allows itself to be “rubbed away” during processing:

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Thread: Main Window allows itself to be “rubbed away” during processing:

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    Main Window allows itself to be “rubbed away” during processing:

    i developed a Jframe which is having some functionality (i.e. io concept)during that i displayed a JDialog box to show the current status.
    here my problem are

    1.JDialog is not showing its components. it is showing only frame with title

    2.if the main window is covered by another window (when another window is dragged across the front of it for example), its contents vanish to greyness.

    please tell me how can i rectify these.



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    the first problem is caused by improper setup of the JDialog, or doing something that is making your program busy that it never gets to update the JDialog

    the second problem is that your program is waiting for a response from the JDialog, or that it is doing some intensicve operation with the thread that should be updating the GUI, and hence has no time to repaint the display

    separate the program into threads, and also consider if you really need to make the jdialog modal
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