OK, I am having problems reading text from a file. The text in the folder takes the following form.

0.01 0.01 191650 5 | ae United Arab Emirates
0.01 0.01 146570 8 | am Armenia

I only wish to read data from the third, fourth, sixth and seventh column. Curerntly I have been using this code to read all the data.

data = inFile.readLine();
while(data != null)
StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer(data);

valA = st.nextToken();
valB = st.nextToken();
valC = st.nextToken();
valD = st.nextToken();
valE = st.nextToken();
valF = st.nextToken();
valG = st.nextToken();
valH = st.nextToken();
valI = st.nextToken();

System.out.println(valF+" "+valC+" "+valD+" "+valG+
" "+valH+" "+valI);

data = inFile.readLine();

This works fine for the first row of data, but obviously fails on the second and throws an exception as there are less tokens in this row. Can anyone suggest a way of handling this data?