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    Feb 2004

    Post print-out the Javacode

    Hello !!
    I've made an application in Java and have to print it out.
    Its about 4.000 lines and I don't want to edit the whole thing...
    Do you know a editor to print my code in a decent way ?
    with the code colors if possible...
    is there a programm to generate a class diagram ? I need every diagram I can make or generate to make my teachers happy...


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    Feb 2004
    Its about 4.000 lines and I don't want to edit the whole thing...
    You should have kept it looking nice as you were writing it then! :P I think most IDE's will make your code look "pretty" (or so i've been told). Wish i'd been able to use one with my last project, the other members of my group refused to use proper styling conventions. As for printing out the colours (as in text pad), i've never tried that. I assume if you use a colour printer it will print out the colours, but i can't be sure of that. For the class diagrams, my University has a program called Together. It can generate all sorts such as class diagrams, sequence diagrams etc....

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    Feb 2004


    Mike, that's great for your University...But it doesn't help ME much...
    Do you have an example for one of those IDE's ??


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    Feb 2004
    I personally use TextPad to write code, but i was told that InteliJ will format your code nicely for you. I'm sure it's not the only one. As for Together helping my university and not you, Together is not unique to my university. Its available to anyone who wants it (I would assume, since i've heard other people talk of it). I don't know how much it costs though.

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