reading and updating a file inside WAR file

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Thread: reading and updating a file inside WAR file

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    reading and updating a file inside WAR file


    I want to read a file which is inside a WAR file. Say the file is a properties file. I want to read it and have to do some modification and after doing those modification i need to place the file again inside the war file. Can u suggest someone the way to do it?


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    I'm pretty sure that war files are the same as jar file. You can probably use the jar utility to do all your extracting and adding stuff.

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    Nov 2003
    Hi John,

    Yes war is again a zip of all resources. but i need to read with in from the war file. I need to read a file with in a WAR file without extracting and after updating that one i need to put that again in the WAR file. I know i can extract it the modification and again compress all...but there must be someother way too.

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    nope.. believe it or not.. the AR in wAR, means ARchive.. archived things arent changed. Long term persistence for WAR applications is the same as any other app.. writing to file or database.. if necessary you can re-pack the file in the war but what youre asking at the moment is akin to a Windows program using random-access to write bytes to its own exe as a method of storing settings, while it is running. this behaviour is only found in morphing viruses, as an aid to escape detection. other windows programs store info in the registry, or ini files etc..
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    Hi Cjar

    Thanx a lot for the information u gave.


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