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Thread: irc bots

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    May 2004

    irc bots

    Has anyone ever seen the irc bot framework at http://www.jibble.org/pircbot.php

    I made a bot and thought it was pretty cool. I've also made a way to connect it to the JMegaHal AI, which can also be found on that site. The bot adds each message to the JMegaHal and generates a sentence from it. I've also made is so when people send a private message it will respond. Right now it runs on the command line.

    Anyway as my first post I really wanted to say something about this cool framework that I found. Thank for reading my first post.

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    May 2004
    By the way I think it would be cool to make a gui for the bot but I'm having trouble figuring out the best way to generate events from the bot and get the gui to listen to them. I'm going to read up on it. If I find anything I will post an update.

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    Feb 2004
    read up about Observer and Observable

    make the bot Observable

    any interesting things can be used to trigger an update, and all registered Observers will receive the message

    it is similar to JButton.addActionListener..

    and then when the user clicks the button, the actionPerformed method is called..
    well, with Observer Observable, the bot calls setCHanged() then update(SOME ARGUMENT)
    and every registered observer has his update() method called.. if the gui is observing, it can use the supplied arguments to change the output
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    May 2004
    Thanks, I'll look it up and see how to make it work.

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